Eyelash Extensions

~~Beautiful Daze Salon offers eyelash extensions by adding individual eyelash enhancements to each and every natural lash. The experience is comforting, the result: longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes! Skip the mascara session every morning, eyelashes from Beautiful Daze Salon will give you the appearance of luxurious eyelashes without the clumps and smearing ever again! Rest assured, lash extensions do not damage or inhibit the growth of your natural eyelashes, and the application process is unique to each and every set of natural eyelashes. Because every client has different preferences and tastes, your Lash Artist is trained to accentuate your personal style to get the look that fits you best!

Hair Extensions

All the hair we use is 100% human hair. The differences are how they are prepared and where they come from. You can wet, wash, cut, flat iron, curl, blowdry, and do pretty much everything else with all of the hair. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that extension hair is going to feel exactly like their own hair.  All of the other types will require maintenance with high end products.

Caring for hair extensions
If you plan on keeping your extensions long term, make sure you get them tightened every 4-6 weeks. Even if they feel fine, book an appointment so we can make sure there are no tangling or other problems that you may not be able to see on your own. You can also book an appointment for a conditioning treatment to give your hair that extra boost and make it last longer.

Heat protecting gloss and leave in conditioners will make your life so much easier. With any extensions, Store bought brands are a NO NO!! We only really recommend using the Matrix or Chi products which we have at the salon because from experience it's the best brand I've used for extensions. You should always check ingredients. NEVER use products with alcohol or sulfate. Those ingredients dry out the hair immensely. Store bought brands are PACKED with chemicals and can sometimes damage the hair instead of making it better.

Metal flat irons and curling irons are BIG no no also. I recommend getting Ceramic products. Our favorite is the Chi flat iron which can straighten hair and curl the hair, and we sell it at the salon.

Know how to brush your hair. Expect tangling. Remember you're used to your short hair, and soon within a few hours you're going to have a full head of hair. Brush your hair gently from the bottom working your way up. if you hear tearing or ripping, brush the bottom again and make sure it is tangle free before moving up.

Brush your hair before showering and do NOT bunch up your hair when shampooing. Shampoo in a downward straight motion the same way your hair grows. Bunching it up at the top of your head will cause a lot of tangling that could have been easily avoided.

Condition in the same downward motion but avoid getting conditioner too close to the roots where the extensions are applied. Conditioner is very slippery and getting it too close to where the extensions are applied can cause them to slip.

Before going to sleep or swimming braid your hair in a single braid. This will help keep the hair in place and avoid extra tangling.

Prices include hair and is for a full head (4 tracks)
All hair is 100% human hair
Beaded sew-in wefts

18 inch             20 inch            22 inch
$315                $365                $415
Braided sew-in wefts
18 inch             20 inch            22 inch
$300                $350                $400
18 inches: Below Bra Strap
20 inches: To the waist
22 inches: Belly button

Eyelash extensions $45

Cancelation fee of $25.00 will be applied to appointments not canceled 24 hours prior to appointment time.
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